Natural History Museum

Venom: Killer and Cure

The bite of the glorious red velvet ant is instantaneous, like the surprise of being stabbed. It’s not nicknamed ‘cow killer’ for nothing.”

— NHM London

Groundbreaking, this exhibition explores venom as the ultimate weapon found in nature occurring throughout the animal kingdom. Unlocking the mysteries and the diversity of its world, the Natural History Museum’s key Autumn exhibition explored how across cultures and time humans have attempted to harness and neutralise this terrible power, approaching it with both fear and fascination.

Venom takes its visitors on a journey through the eyes of both predator and prey, exploring the effects caused by venomous attacks and the attempt to scientifically measure the power that venom holds.

From snakes to spiders, wasps to scorpions, and even the duck-billed platypus, Venom was packed with captivating specimens, each with a different story to tell.

We loved every minute of this exhibition; working at an iconic location with incredible imagery and a fascinating subject is a privilege.

Photography by Leon Chew