Stage, Screen, Society
at 50


— David Hughes in The Complete Kubrick

2018 was 50 years since the Theatres Act 1968 came into force, abolishing state censorship of the British stage and enshrining the right of free expression in theatrical works.

Censored! Stage, Screen, Society at 50 explored the impact the abolition of state censorship had on theatrical creativity, film and music. Examining the regulation of theatre in the 17th century through to the time of Kubrick’s provocative A Clockwork Orange and the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen the exhibition leads us to the fascinating question of how free are we really and what is censorship’s role today.

Echo’s artwork, print and installation works are featured throughout this most original of exhibitions.

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“Right-wingers and tub-thumping MPs were baying for the film to be banned before copycat violence could spread among the nation’s impressionable youth. Under a headline that read ‘CLOCKWORK ORANGES ARE TICKING BOMBS,’ the Evening News predicted that the film would ‘lead to a clockwork cult which will magnify teen violence.’”

— David Hughes in The Complete Kubrick