De Beers

De Beers began the search for nature’s most exquisite and magnificent prize over 125 years ago. With an unrivalled legacy in diamonds the group remains the world’s leading diamond company with unparalleled expertise in the exploration and mining of diamonds throughout the world.

Coining the phrase “A Diamond is Forever” in the forties, the brand’s success grew decade on decade culminating in the founding of the De Beers Diamond Jewellers store in 2002 at 50 Old Bond Street, London.

Though the network of stores has since grown to over 30 worldwide the Bond Street store remains the jewel in the crown, being honoured with a new engagement ring design named ‘Old Bond Street’.

Echo provide graphics and 3D fabricated window installations for the De Beers stores worldwide. Premium is key, and only the finest quality production and materials will suffice for this most luxurious of brands.

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