Natural History Museum

Colour and Vision

“Colour plays a vital role in the daily interactions of many species, but the colour we can see tells only part of the story.”

— Sir David Attenborough

Discover how the entwined histories of colour and vision have filled the natural world with the vibrant hues and shades we see today. From Madagascan moths to clever clams, this show brought the complex story of how – and why – animals see the world through different eyes vividly to life

This stunning exhibition takes a 565 million year journey through the eyes of nature with hundreds of rarely displayed specimens, immersive art and digital imaging.

The exhibition gives insight into why humans and other animals perceive the world differently, and how colour-shifters and stealth experts deploy colour to survive.

Striking birds, metallic beetles and iridescent butterflies show structural colour and pigments that inspire the latest dyes. Extraordinary fossils show the first creatures to have image-forming eyes and rare examples of colour preserved over millions of years.

The wide diversity of vertebrate sight is celebrated in a Wall of Eyes, which combines striking photography with more than 100 eyeballs from across the animal kingdom, a selection from the National Eye Collection behind the scenes.

Echo were thrilled to artwork, produce and install all of the graphics throughout the exhibition.