Somerset House

Big Bang Data

“As we face a future lived in the cloud, this exhibition should help us to understand what that brave new world will look like.”

— Timeout

Every day,  we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. In 2002, digital technology surpassed demand for analogue systems, and within one year in 2009, we produced the same quantity of data as in the entire history of humanity up to that point.

In December 2015, Somerset House presented Big Bang Data, a major landmark exhibition about the big data explosion of the 21st century, which is radically transforming our lives.

The multi-media exhibition brought the unknown worlds of data to life, immersing individuals as much in to the technology as the impact it’s had on our rapidly evolving world.

Echo collaborated with Somerset House to produce and install the vast array of graphics.

Contributing artists included: Timo Arnall / Thomson and Craighead / Ryoji Ikeda / Julie Freeman / David McCandless../ Nicholas Felton / Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi / Eva and Franco Mattes / James Bridle / Laura Poitras / Rafael Lozano Hemmer / Lisa Jevbratt / Ingrid Burrington and Dan Williams.

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